Privet label isotonic drinks

Fresh Drink Europe is a producer of own label isotonic drinks 500ml with sport cap and full colour label standard.

Isotonic beverages are drinks that aim to balance the level of water and electrolytes secreted by the body during the process of sweating, as well as replenishing vitamins and minerals and to some extent carbohydrates.

This product is great for sport event or activity out doors, helps people refill electrolytes and energy during high intense physical activity

The Isotonic drinks are available in the following sizes:

  • 500ml PET bottles with sport

Watch video about our isotonic drinks:

Minimum Orders for Isotonic Drinks: 

  • 120 bottles / 5 cases- 500 ml PET bottles with sport cap and full colour label standard 

Available flavours:

  • Multi - Fruit 

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